Romel_ant_Mendelek The psychological Love
There was a man named Phil that worked morning to night every day, taking a break only on Sundays. His job was a financial worker in the office, while all of his focus was only on his work. One day, all of that changes after something took his eyes and heart by surprise.
EldritchTheDead The Heart Of Gaia
In a Magical gem fuelled fantasy/dystopian world of Gaia. A son (Knoxx Abbot) struggles through life as a runaway with his father, as the authorities began to chase them one day. Confused and in a daze while trying to escape their pursuers, he hopes that one day they may be able to get back to their normal lives. But with mysteries lying in wait and big secrets uncovered, will he be able to go back...
lqing It Turns Out I Am A Reclusive Expert
Xu Yan traveled through the world of practice and was unable to practice. For twenty years, he became a mortal who was proficient in poetry, calligraphy and painting…
Heavenly Feathered Dragon Flies Cataclysmic Transformation
One hundred thousand years ago, the once influential Church of Calamity was destroyed. Since then, necromancy had been lost to the ages. One hundred thousand years later, a poor street urchin living in a mountain village, Roan, who dreams of becoming a great wizard, by some twist of fate, finds a seemingly ordinary ring. Coincidentally, this ring happened to hold a spirit that was one hundred thousand years old. In a continent where magical combat runs wild, the mysterious, terrifying and powerf
Beneath The Lonely Mountain Tree Genius Daddy in the City
An ordinary man, Ye Chen traveled to the cultivation world by accident and became a phenomenal immortal of that era. After 3,000 years in the cultivation world, he was betrayed and traveled back to earth through a spatial tear. Five years had passed in the mortal world, but when he came back with his abilities, he found out he now has a daughter!
御前带猫 Transmigrating With A Cleaver
A talented genius chef, A domineering and invincible Xuanyuan cleaver, A cruel world rampaged by giant beasts, In front of me, Qin Luo, Let it be the immortal phoenix that sours through nine heavens, Or the majestic dragon who dwells in the deep cave, You all, Are just food to me!

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